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Effective Date: September 21, 2021


These Copyright and Permissions guidelines are incorporated into the Terms of Service (“Terms”) of the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lessons—Digital Edition (the “Digital Edition” or the “Service”). References in these guidelines to the “Terms” shall be understood to include these guidelines in addition to the information on the Terms of Service page.

The contents of the Service, the Service itself, and the contents of each issue of the Digital Edition (the “Content”) are copyrighted by The Christian Science Publishing Society, and/or its affiliates or licensors, and are protected by copyright, trademark, trade dress, and other intellectual property laws of the United States and of other countries. All rights not expressly granted through these Terms are reserved.

Unlike printed versions of Bible Lesson products, the Content is distributed in digital formats (such as streaming, online access, and downloads). This creates some great opportunities for sharing, but please read and follow these guidelines before doing so.

NOTE: By using the In-Context functionality of the Service, which allows you to view Lesson citations in the full context of the Bible and/or Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, You also agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of the Concord platform as well as these Terms. Your access to various features of Concord may depend on whether or not You subscribe to Concord.

A. Limitations on Use of Content.

Personal Use of Content. The Content is provided for Your own personal, noncommercial use only, as defined below. You are welcome to view, digitally copy, print, and/or listen to Content that You have legitimately accessed or downloaded from the Service. Unless prohibited by these Terms, you may transfer and store downloaded digital files of Content on Your personal computer and/or Your other personal electronic devices in any format that You prefer.

Please note that, except as allowed by these Terms and the Service's functionality, “personal use” does not include sharing Content, including without limitation images and audio files, by such methods as emailing, making print or other physical copies, or posting on social media or elsewhere online. 

Limited Sharing. Except as permitted by these Terms, You may not reproduce, distribute, publicly perform or display, modify, create derivative works from or otherwise use the Content, including without limitation by such means as analog copying (such as cassettes or photocopies), recordable CDs, peer sharing, web posting, emailing, or linking to digital files online. One-to-one sharing with friends and family of a single citation or pair of citations from the Bible Lesson is permitted and encouraged as readers are inspired. Simultaneous sharing of more than two citations is not permitted except as described below.

No Extracting Content. Other than for Your own personal, private use, You may not capture, access, download, or extract text and/or audio Content as stand-alone files separate from their web or full issue contexts, nor may You manipulate or alter the Content after download. You may use or repurpose legitimately obtained text Content, in whole or in part, in any way that You wish to enhance Your own personal study of the Bible Lesson, but You may not distribute or archive the resulting copies. No extracting of music, photos, or graphics is permitted.

No Archiving, Republication or Derivative Use. You agree not to download or archive the Content in a systematic or regular manner or so as to create a database or collection comprising all or a subset of the Content, in any media, for further reproduction, publication, distribution, or for providing access to others, whether such database or collection is in electronic or print form. Furthermore, You agree not to place copies of the Content, in whole or in part, in an institutional repository, which is a form of republication. The Content may not be otherwise used without prior written permission from CSPS or in the case of third-party materials from the owner of that Content. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the Content.

B. Legitimate Copies. The permission to share Content as described in these guidelines only extends to subscribers and/or purchasers of the Digital Edition who have legitimately obtained the Content through purchase or subscription, or as a recipient of a gift subscription, using the functionality of the Service. No permission is given to make additional copies of any Content that has not been legitimately downloaded as described in this paragraph, including Content borrowed from Christian Science Reading Rooms or received from friends or family members, even if those sources have legitimately obtained the Content through purchase or subscription.

Please note that some Content is not intended to be downloaded at all, but rather is provided solely for access while visiting the Service. Such Content is not authorized to be downloaded or copied, and these Terms do not authorize sharing of such Content.

C. Screen Sharing. You may share Content through the non-public display of such Content with family and friends on the screen of a personal computer or device. In other words, You can invite others to view Content with You on Your personal computer or personal electronic device, or You can pass Your device around. However, please do not display the Content on a publicly-viewable screen such as a digital display in the window of a Christian Science Reading Room.

D. Family Sharing. You may share printouts or digital copies of Content with members of Your family who are living with You for their personal use, provided that they do not further reproduce or distribute the copies. Each shared copy must be complete as published, without editing or extracting, and all pages including copyright information must be included. If You regularly share with family members, please consider purchasing additional subscriptions to show support for the Bible Lessons and the mission of the CSPS.

Non-related housemates, dorm mates, friends, and family members living elsewhere should purchase or subscribe to the Bible Lesson in whatever format they prefer.

E. Timeliness of Lessons. Each Bible Lesson-Sermon is prepared to minister to readers and the world during its specific week of study. Please consider deleting copies and files in a reasonable period of time following each Bible Lesson’s use, rather than archiving them. Retention or archiving of digital or physical copies of the Bible Lesson for purposes other than personal use is not permitted.

F. Music in Lessons. Notwithstanding anything else in these Terms, no separate use or copies may be made of any musical recordings included with audio Content. These musical recordings are generally available for purchase through Reading Rooms or the CSPS Online Shop or Download Store. Please consider purchasing musical recordings You enjoy.

G. Other Sharing. In order to bless others, these guidelines permit you to share Content on an occasional one-to-one basis with individuals who might benefit from receiving a copy. Please limit this compassionate sharing to one or two copies at any given time.

We leave this occasional sharing to your discretion and inspiration, but we ask that you not share in such a way as to relieve regular readers of the Bible Lesson of their “privilege and duty” to subscribe as set forth by Mary Baker Eddy in the Church Manual (Man. 44:16). If someone values the Bible Lesson enough to read it more than occasionally and is capable of subscribing, he or she should be lovingly encouraged to do so. Of course, giving a gift subscription is a nice way to accomplish the same result.

H. Reading Room Displays. Reading Rooms wishing to display the Bible Lesson in print and electronic displays in Reading Room windows and elsewhere should see the Display Guidelines. Branch churches wishing to display the Bible Lesson on their websites should see the Website Guidelines.

NOTE: Content from the Digital Edition (including the Bible Lesson in various formats as well as any extra content included in the Digital Edition) is not authorized for public display in Reading Room windows, social media, or on websites. Reading Rooms and others seeking to promote the Digital Edition are asked to use the promotional materials in the Wholesale Shop or contact us for information on how to promote the Digital Edition.

I. Institutional Subscriptions. Additional guidelines may apply to Christian Science Reading Rooms, Institutional Committees, summer camps and nursing facilities for Christian Scientists, and certain other “bulk” users. For information about obtaining a bulk license, contact us at

J. Further Restrictions. Please also see specific prohibited uses in Section 3 of the Terms of Service.

K. To Request Permission. To request permission to use Content that is clearly owned by third parties (such as copyrighted bibles or hymns), please contact the copyright owners directly.

To request permission to use Content that is not clearly owned by third parties, or to make any other use of the Content, please email:

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