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Questions from eBibleLesson and myBibleLesson subscribers

Does the Digital Edition include a print option?

Yes! The Digital Edition gives you the same options of printing or downloading a PDF that are currently available in eBibleLesson.

Check out this FAQ to learn for instructions on how to print.

Does the Digital Edition work offline?

The Digital Edition includes options for downloading PDF, ePub, Mobi, and MP3 files for each lesson—the same formats currently available in eBibleLesson. Also, as long as your browser doesn't refresh, the site will continue to scroll and function normally (other than downloads) during brief periods without an Internet connection.

For instructions on how to download the various file types, please see this FAQ.

When will the new Digital Edition be released?

It's here! The Digital Edition is now live and available for use. It's currently open for anyone to try, with or without a subscription. Simply click on the "Lesson" button on the home page or go to

How much will the Digital Edition cost?

$12.95 every four weeks, the same as eBibleLesson and myBibleLesson.

What do I have to do to sign up for the new Digital Edition?

If you have an active eBibleLesson or myBibleLesson subscription, you don’t need to sign up for a new subscription—your current eBibleLesson and myBibleLesson subscriptions will become Digital Edition subscriptions automatically.

If you do not have an active eBibleLesson or myBibleLesson subscription, subscriptions to the Digital Edition will be available soon. The site is currently available for anyone to access for free.

What happened to my eBibleLesson or myBibleLesson subscription(s)?

If you subscribed to eBibleLesson or myBibleLesson, your subscription has been upgraded to the new Digital Edition of the Christian Science Quarterly automatically. Your automatic monthly payments will continue as normal at the same price. You will receive instructions on how and when to update your password for the new Digital Edition.

If you subscribed to both eBibleLesson and myBibleLesson, your two subscriptions have been consolidated into a single Digital Edition subscription. Your billing date will be based on your current eBibleLesson subscription. Your automatic myBibleLesson payments ceased in March.

What happened to the color, cartoons, images that were in myBibleLesson?

Over the past few years, we've heard from thousands of readers—including many younger readers, Sunday School students, and Sunday School teachers—and have tried to incorporate in this new edition what they've shared as most valuable to their study. But we know we're not finished. We're continuing to listen and make changes as readers engage with the new edition and share their feedback after trying it out.

The inclusion of more color and other visual elements is certainly on our radar for future updates. In exploring these and other changes, our goal will be to continue to support the reader's engagement with the inspired Word.

We are encouraged by remembering that it's not the format, the color, or anything surrounding the Bible Lesson that engages us with its message; it's the power of the Word. We certainly want the editions of the Christian Science Quarterly to be as supportive as possible to each reader's study, and we know that the healing message of the Pastor in each Bible Lesson reaches the hungry heart.

If you would like to share your feedback on the new edition, please contact us.

What happened to the testimonies that were in myBibleLesson?

Subscribers to the Digital Edition will have access to the article or testimony included at the end of the Bible Lens in the Christian Science Sentinel. The testimony, article, or poem can be found at the end of the Bible Lens PDF, accessed from the main menu of the Digital Edition.

In addition to the Digital Edition, what other resources are there for youth?

There are several resources offered by The Mother Church and by the Christian Science Publishing Society to support parents, Sunday School teachers, and youth:

• Find resources at 

• Join discussions with other Sunday School teachers

• Visit the Teen Connect page for publicly available articles for teens. 

• Check out the kids or teen article in each Christian Science Sentinel. Compilations of these articles are made every six months and are available at this page on JSH-Online (the PDFs are even available without a subscription to JSH-Online).

• Other articles by and for kids are available using the search feature on JSH-Online. (Note that you must be a JSH-Online subscriber, or visit a Reading Room with a subscription, to access these articles.)

• Other products for kids include books and cards.

We are most encouraged knowing that the power of the Word reaches every hungry heart, regardless of age or lesson layout. And we know that your love of the Bible Lesson and the Pastor will bring them alive more than any study aids or illustrations could.

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